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LOT 100 清乾隆 粉彩堆塑石榴尊(附原配硬木座)A Chinese carved famille ...

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Oakridge Auction Gallery

Oakridge Auction Gallery ——— 中國古代玉器、瓷器無底价專場(一)

Oakridge Auction Gallery




Translation provided by Youdao


H: 16.51, W: 20.32, D: 14.29 cm.


拍品介绍: A faceted large and small porcelain pomegranate with three-dimensional leaves, branches with red blooming flowers, insects and reptiles, and carved areas exposing inner fruit seeds. With wax seal to underside, previous collector sticker to one side; sold with associated two-tiered wooden stand.
SIZE:H: 6 1/2, W: 8, D: 5 5/8 in.
尺寸:H: 16.51, W: 20.32, D: 14.29 cm.
Provenance:Estate of Yip Hon (1904-1997). Nicknamed Kwai Wong (translated as Ghost King), Yip Hon was a gambling tycoon in South China. He a amassed great wealth in the casinos there, through his technique of listening dice, eventually opening his own casino.
来源:Yip Hon (葉漢, 1904-1997)私人遺產。葉漢,中國廣東省新會縣江門鎮紫坭鄉人,港澳著名企業家,一生與賭博結下不解之緣,有「鬼王葉」、「賭聖」之稱。1961年與何鴻燊、霍英東、葉德利等人成功投得澳門博彩業專營權,其後成立澳門賽馬車會、經營東方公主號賭船等,堪稱為澳門的一代賭王。
Condition:Carved tree branch with minor glaze loss. Overall good condition.


英文长介绍:This work presents a pair of pomegranate-form vases of varying sizes. The larger pomegranate has rich floral patterns carved on its shoulders, ripe seeds appearing to slightly burst from their rinds on the belly, and a small snake inching towards the fruit on the bottom. All of these carved elements possess lifelike details. The smaller pomegranate has floral patterns carved on the front, and a small centipede stopping on its shoulder, crawling towards the larger pomegranate. The overall shape is realistic, with the flowers and animals complementing each other by combining movement and stillness. The vases come with finely crafted original double-layered carved stands. This work is from the Guangzhou Provincial Cultural Relics Store and is stamped with a red seal.
英文参阅:Palace Museum Collection, No. G00154572, figure 1; Metropolitan Museum of Art, No. 79.2.1315, figure 2; Sotheby's Hong Kong, October 2015, lot 3609; Hanhai Auctions, Beijing, October 2014, lot 4914.
中文参阅:故宮博物院館藏,編號故00154572, 見圖1;大都會博物館館藏,編號79.2.1315, 見圖2;蘇富比拍賣2015年10月香港拍賣,編號3609;北京瀚海拍賣2014年10月,編號4914



44675 Cape Ct #171, Ashburn, VA 20147, US

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