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LOT 15 Important Chinese Antique Pebble Jade Elephant

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Translation provided by Youdao



Well carved in the round in the form of an elephant with elongated eyes and wrinkled skin, its head turned to the right, harnessed with elaborate trappings, with a small boy clambering on its back, clutching a ruyi scepter in both hands, the stone of a pale yellowish green tone with extensive inclusions. 3.3 inch W (8.38 cm)2.75 inch H (6.98 cm)Provenance: Sakurai Mastsudai Family Background: The charm of the subject and three-dimensionality of the present creature is accentuated by the natural russet-colored inclusions of the skin of the stone. This skillful incorporation of the colored skin of the jade pebble not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also highlights the carver's ability to minimize wastage of the precious stone. The solidity of the elephant modeled in the round embodies the strength, power and wisdom it symbolized and compliments the fine detail of its facial features and saddle cloth as well as the playfulness of the clambering boy.


Feb 14 from 10 am to 6 pm


131 S 6th ave

Contact: 16263360800

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