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LOT 337 Nozeman’s Nederlandsche Vogelen Numida Meleagris

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Islamic & Oriental Art Timed Auction June 2019

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Translation provided by Youdao



Nozeman’s Nederlandsche Vogelen Numida Meleagris
This original print shows the Helmeted Guineafowl,
Text page is included.

Engraving/etching with contemporary hand colouring on verge (hand laid) paper.
This scarce antique print originates from: “Nederlandsche Vogelen”, (English: Dutch birds) a five volume Dutch natural history compendium by Cornelius Nozeman and Christiaan Sepp, published in Amsterdam from 1770. It was published in instalments and was finished in 1829. It was the first comprehensive avifauna of the Netherlands (which temporarily included Belgium during 1815 – 1830). At this point we still carry most of the plates from this famous and exceedingly rare work, which ranks among Audubon and Barraband as the most beautiful bird prints ever created. Most birds are engraved close to life-size. Each plate comes with the corresponding original text page(s). Made by ‘Jan Sepp’ after ‘Cornelius Nozeman’. This monumental work was written by Cornelius Nozeman, and after his death by Martinus Houttuyn. The last volume was finished by Jan Sepp, with advice from Coenraad Jacob Temminck. The coloured engravings were made by Christiaan Sepp, Jan Christiaan Sepp (his son), and Jan Sepp (his grandson).

Period: 1770-1829

Sizes: 52.00 cm. H x 38.50 cm. W
20.47 in. H x 15.16 in. W



Kerkhofstraat 3 - 8051 GG Hattem, Pays-Bas

Contact: +31 (0)38-3380783

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